Stuck in Cleveland. Why you should use AirBnB to plan your next trip

Snow was beginning to fall as I came up a big hill outside Cleveland, Ohio. Winry’s engine was screaming, my trusty 1996 Winnebego Rialta RV.

“Come on girl, you can make it, just a few miles more!” I shouted.

Thump. Engine still running I pressed the gas pedal to the floor. No power to the wheels. Transmission was gone.

Winry shuddered to a halt. Snow falling on the windshield, wipers still moving, I knew I was stuck. I got towed to AAMCO where Murphy, the amazing owner, told me it was going to be 3 weeks to have my Rialta transmission rebuilt.

So. I was stuck in Cleveland.

It was December 3, Christmas right around the corner. That meant that plane tickets home to my mom’s house in Virginia were around $700.

I called the local Motel 6, they wanted $55 dollars a night.

The local Marriott wanted $100 dollars a night. If I went with that option, I was looking at the least $2100 for 3 weeks of lodging. No thanks.

Then I remembered AirBnB, which I had never used before.

Excited, I downloaded the app onto my phone and began searching. Then I found this:

Andrew was the most amazing host, and has since become a good friend of mine. He and his fantastic roommate welcomed me into their home, and into their lives.

The most amazing part about AirBnB is that the people you meet through the program are normally travelers, minimalists, nomads, and eccentric folk. When you stay at a hotel, you get a room to yourself, but when I stayed with Andrew I had a small family for a while. You learn from locals where all the best local places are.

You can learn about your host before you even go. For instance, Andrew has over 200 positive reviews due to his incredible hospitality. After reading through the reviews, I felt like I knew him before I was ever introduced.

Andrew wasn’t the only one though.

In Kansas, my air compressor seized causing me to get stuck there. I had to get towed from the middle of nowhere to Topeka.

This time I stayed overnight with Patricia, an incredible woman with the best stories. She was great, told me a fantastic story about her getting stranded in Boston and she had to work at a local store to pay for

a ticket home. Together we ended up going grocery shopping, and she cooked pizza for me. The room was warm, and comfortable. It was incredibly relaxing after my stressful day.

Recently, I used AirBnB with Abigail here in Taiwan. Our AirBnB apartment only cost $20 per night. We didn’t have a host, but got our own little place which was great.

I hope I have convinced you to give AirBnB a shot. If you have a guest room in your home, I highly recommend adding it to AirBnB and trying to rent out the space. When people want to use your room, they apply for the space and send a request. You can then check to see the reviews from that person’s previous hosts. This makes it convenient and safe since you don’t have to accept anyone that you do not feel comfortable with.

If you are a guest or a host, this service provides you with an opportunity to meet some fantastic people.Stuck in Cleveland. Why you should use AirBnB to plan your next trip

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