Problems with Packing Ultra-Light

Mistakes were made. My pants are soaking wet right now.

Today Abigail and I went to Taroko National Park, easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. As we wound through the mountain passes, I was glad my buddy John Wes Dukes convinced me to get my motorcycle license.

I thoroughly got to test out my gear today, all of it got used. We went to Baiyang Waterfall. It was impressive but not as nice as Shifen; however, next to it was a path to the Water Curtain.

The Water Curtain is this bizarre cave where a huge torrent of water comes out of the ceiling in places. According to the information sign, it was caused when miners attempted to dig a tunnel through the mountain. Cracks appeared in the rock above, and water from a reservoir above poured through.


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At the entrance to the curtain was a giant pile of rain ponchos to borrow, but I didn’t need one. In my pack I had with me my trusty Marmot Precip, the successor to the Mica that Tynan recommends. I also put my shoes into my pack, and took out my Earthrunner sandals.

Abigail and I charged into the cave, my belongings protected by the jacket and my waterproof Tom Bihn 19L Synapse backpack. Everything stayed dry, but I ended up being forced to use my smartphone as a flashlight for us. Not a good idea.

Everything stayed dry, and the Precip was able to keep all of the rain off my body and kept my pants dry. I was so proud of myself at my preparedness.

How did my pants get wet then?

Abigail and I got lucky with the weather to the top of the mountain. Absolutely stunning views, sunshine, warm. Perfect day.


On the way back we encountered a rainstorm.

My Icebreaker wool clothes kept me warm, but the sitting position I was in on the scooter meant the Precip couldn’t protect my legs. My pants, socks, and shoes got completely soaked by the rain. Also, I didn’t pull the jacket tight around my waist, so water was getting in under the jacket, and it was also going down my neck because I didn’t Velcro the strap.

When I got back I checked the pockets of my jacket. The jacket has perforated pockets on the inside, so that when you stuff the jacket into its own pocket(which makes it pack down super small), it can dry. I thought the jacket would protect my phone, cash, and my notebook. All three were super wet, my phone was okay but my handy-dandy notebook was completely ruined.

Worse yet, I am only traveling with a single pair of pants. I thought I would be able to get away with it, since these pants convert into shorts and the material all of my clothes are made to resist smells. I just wash my shirts and pants in the shower and hang them up before bed.

Now I realize how critical it is for me to have a second pair of pants. Normally it’s not a big deal because I travel alone, but since I have a traveling companion I need pants. I reallyyy need pants.

I suppose adventure filled days are perfect for me to test out my gear so I can make some changes and plan ahead. Until then, looks like I have to dry these pants with a hair dryer ;D

3 thoughts on “Problems with Packing Ultra-Light

    1. Yes! I actually found a Green Lantern lego person in the dirt, picked him up, and he is now traveling with us on our adventures. Once I have a photo set of him, ill do a post. Will be sort of like the sisterhood

      1. The magic of the sisterhood was that all four (?) girls fit in the same pair of pants and decided to share them. For this to be a true sisterhood you must share your pants.

        Green lantern Lego man must join the ranks of travelocity gnome… The brotherhood of the traveling figurines.

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